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We specialized in MFSE (Moble Food Service Equipment) Such as Food Trucks, Food Trailers, Food Carts, Out Door Events and Street Festivals. 

We are the Offical and Authorized TSSA Licensed Gas Professionals and Certification Agents fot the Union Station Starion Summer Market in Toronto, The Taste of Asia Festival and others

We offer on-site TSSA MFSE certification, Technical Support, Interaction and representation with TSSA Inspectors for Event Vendors and Event Organizers.

We also provide Fire Protection Services, such as Fire Suppression Systems, K Type Fire Extinguishers, Fire Safety Consultation and interaction with Local Fire Departments.

Our Firm is a member of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (Member number 58976244 and 7185)

MFSE and Out Door Events

First and Foremost, We are A TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) Licensed and Registered Fuel Safety and Heating Fuels Contactor.  Our Registration Number is TSSA# 000247239.  We are Fully Insured.  Our Gas Technicians are Licensed G1 and G2 Classifications.  WE Can Address  Gas and Propane Matters of Un-Limited  BTUs.

Our Gas Group Routinely Supports our Domestic (Residential), Commercial and Industrial Clients With Gas and Propane Appliance Installations, Pipe Fitting Solutions, Maintenance to Equipment/Appliances, Flue Gas Analysis, Relocation of Service, Repair to Damage Gas Lines and Service, Regulatory Compliance Support (Red Tags and Inspector's Orders) and Other Gas Related Matters.

We Offer Full Service Support and Certification to our Mobile Food Service Clients (Food Truck and Cart Operators).  We Offer "On Road" Emergency Repairs and Same Day Inspections and Certifications.  We Also Offer, Design, TSSA Regulatory Order Resolutions, Full Service Fabrications, System Layout, Fire Protection, and Consultation to Obtain TSSA FSD.  Please go to the Food Truck Tab for more Information.

New Gas Piping for that New Stove, Dryer, BBQ, Pool Heater, Space Heater, Fire Place, Fire Logs, Gas Lamps, Water Heater or Furnace is Our Most Popular Request.  We Can Offer Very Competitive Pricing for all Applications of Piping Requirements,  From Above Ground, Under Ground utilizing All Types of Piping Materials, Schedule 40, Schedule 40, CCST (Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing), Copper or Plastic We Can Fulfil All Your Piping Requirement Safely, Quickly and Very Cost Effective.

Our Ventilation Group Supports All Types of Ventilation Needs from Types, A, B, BW, BL, BH, C and Special Venting Systems (PVC and CPVC). 

We Offer Maintenance to Many Brands and Type of Appliances, Heating System Maintenance, from simple Filter Change to Full System Cleaning and the All Important Combustion Gas Analysis.  We have the State of the Art Combustion Gas Analyzers to determine Your System's Performance and We have the Expertise to Correct any System Deficiencies to ensure Your Safety and Efficient Operation of your Heating Systems.     

We Offer the Same type of Maintenance to Pool Heaters, Hot Water Heating Systems (Storage or Tankless), Floor and Space Heaters.

Occasionally, Our Clients may be the Recipient of a RED TAG (Warning or Do Not Use Tag) These tags are issued by Licensed Gas Technicians or Inspectors.  Once a Red Tag has been Issued, the Owner will have a specified numbered of Days to Resolve the identified Issue ("B" Type Red Tags) before the Gas Supplier Shuts off the Gas Supply to the Building.  In Some Occasions, a RED "A" TAG is issued which means the Issuer of the RED "A" TAG has shut off your gas Supply and have your Gas Supply Restored, The Red Tag Must be Cleared by a Licensed Gas Technician of a G2 Classification or Above.  We are Able and Ready to Help you CLEAR  Any Red Tags and Have Your Gas Supply or Appliance Operation  RESTORED TODAY.  RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL..  WE WILL TURN YOUR GAS ON AFTER THE REPAIRS.

What Ever Your Natural Gas or Propane Needs are, We are Here to Help.  With One Simple Call, You can Speak Directly to a TSSA licensed and Certified Gas Technician That Can and Will Answer any of your Gas Questions FREE of CHARGE.

Gas Solutions

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