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We specialized in MFSE (Mobile Food Service Equipment) Such as Food Trucks, Food Trailers, Food Carts, Outdoor Events and Street Festivals, Film Location Support, Pop Up Kitchens, Concerts, Sporting Events.

We offer on-site TSSA MFSE certification, Technical Support, Interaction and representation with TSSA Inspectors for Event Vendors and Event Organizers. We are Your Gas Solutions Specialists for MFSE (Mobile Food Service Equipment), Food Trucks, Food Trailers, Special Events, |Summer Markets, Street Festival, TSSA MFSE Inspections Professionals, Special Gas Equipment Certifications and Fire Protection.

With Respect to Our Gas and Propane Division, We are Registered and Licensed by The Technical Safety and Standard Authority (TSSA) and We are Staffed by The Best Licensed and Certified Gas Professionals in the Business.  Our Gas Professionals Holds Current Certifications from the TSSA of G1 or G2.  We are Your Experts in the Natural Gas and Propane Fuels as Well as Your direct interface with the TSSA.  We have years of Experience in direct dealings with the TSSA and we are very well respected by the TSSA.  We can act as your agents or technical contact with the TSSA.

Our Firm is a Member of The TSSA Committee on Mobile Food Service Equipment Code – TSSA-MFSE-2014.  This is the Code that all Food Truck, Food Trailers, Food Carts and all other Mobile Food Service Equipment Must be Designed and Conform To.

We offer full service support to all types of MFSE, we will custom make, retrofit and re-design.  We will help you get your TSSA FSD for your MFSE.

We can be your Technical Contact to the TSSA when you apply to the TSSA or being Inspected by the TSSA.  We Can and Will Answer all of the Questions TSSA have for You with respect to Your Truck, Trailer or Mobile Food Service Equipment.   

We offer FREE advice and Consultation with respect to any TSSA MFSE questions.  Give us a call at 416.628.8200 or email at