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The above picture is a sample of a FSD we obtained for one of our Clients

The above FSD is mounted on a Rating Plate we issued to our Client 

We Provide Full Service to the Mobile Food Industry, Food Trucks, Portable Grill Carts, Hot Dog Carts, All Types of Portable or Mobile Cooking Stations. 

Our Firm is a Member of The TSSA Committee on Mobile Food Service Equipment Code – TSSA-MFSE-2014.  This is the Code that all Food Truck, Food Trailers, Food Carts and all other Mobile Food Service Equipment Must be Designed and Conform To.

We can be your Technical Contact to the TSSA when you apply to the TSSA or being Inspected by the TSSA.  We Can and Will Answer all of the Questions TSSA have for You with respect to Your Truck, Trailer or Mobile Food Service Equipment. 

We Can Provide Full Turn Key Truck, Trailer and Cart Fabrications to System Piping, Fire Protection, Equipment and Appliance Installation.  We Also Provide Full Service Consultation for Our Mobile Food Service Clients, From Resolving TSSA Regulatory Orders to Obtaining your TSSA FSD for Your Truck, Trailer and Cart. 

Planning to Build a New Truck, Trailer or Cart, Adding new Equipment, Received an Order from the TSSA for Regulatory Issues or Your Truck Require Emergency "Road Side" Service?  You Can Get Same Day Help from US by Calling Our Dispatch Department at 416.628.8200.

You need HELP to deal with the TSSA Engineering and Field Approval with Regards to Getting Your FSD, We Can Help, TODAY. 

We Also Provide Full "On Site" TSSA Annual Inspection Services for MFSE Certification to All Mobile Food Service Equipment. We will Go to Your Site at NO Extra Cost.  Note,  That All Cities and Towns in Ontario WILL REQUIRE a MFSE Annual Inspection Before a City/Town Will Issue you a Permit/License to Operate.

In Need of a MFSE Inspection Certificate or an Equipment Safety Inspection? We Offer a Same Day Inspection Service to any part of the GTA at NO Extra Cost, As Long as You Book an Appointment by 11:00am.

Thinking of Selling or Purchasing a Food Truck, Portable Grill Cart or any Piece of Mobile Food Service Equipment?  Call Us for A Pre-Sale/Purchase Onsite Consultation, We can Disclose the Actual Condition of the Equipment You are Selling or Buying.  Call our Dispatch Department at 416.628.8200 for More Information or to Book an On Site Appointment.


This section is about FSDs, what is a FSD?  A FSD is a field approval sticker issued by the TSSA upon the successful Field Inspection (see picture below).  Every Food Truck, Trailer, Cart or any kind of MFSE MUST HAVE A FSD  (built after Feb 13, 2006 or any USED MFSE unit purchased by a New Owner).

​FSDs are NOT Transferable From Truck to Truck​.  If you just built or purchased a MFSE, you MUST have a FSD, it is illegal to operate without A FSD.  NO CITY OR TOWN WILL ISSUE YOU A PERMIT TO OPERATE WITHOUT A FSD.

Confused, about FSDs, you can visit or call us at 416.628.8200, we will be happy to assist you to get your own FSD.